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Human Tuberculosis Caused by Mycobacterium bovis , Taiwan

Ruwen Jou et al.

Emerging Infectious Diseases , 01 3월 2008

Unilateral Ovarian Abscess Caused by Salmonella

Toshimitsu Tohya et al.

Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology , 2003

Splenic abscess caused by Propionibacterium acnes.

K. M. Gekowski et al.

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine , 1982

Acute renal failure caused by nephrotoxins.

D E Oken

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 6월 1976

Case report: Infective endocarditis caused by Brevundimonas vesicularis

Mei-Li Yang et al.

BMC Infectious Diseases , 29 12월 2006

Human Illnesses Caused by Opisthorchis felineus Flukes, Italy

Orlando Armignacco et al.

Emerging Infectious Diseases , 01 12월 2008

Clinical review: Bacteremia caused by anaerobic bacteria in children

Itzhak Brook

Critical Care , 2002

Preventing tobacco-caused cancer: a call to action.

C T Orleans

Environmental Health Perspectives , 01 11월 1995

Joint disease caused by defective gp130-mediated STAT signaling

Tetsuji Naka et al.

Arthritis Research , 2002

Ectopic Cushing' syndrome caused by a neuroendocrine carcinoma of the mesentery

Mathias Fasshauer et al.

BMC Cancer , 27 4월 2006

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