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알파벳순 "A"부터, 페이지 8
A new interference footprinting method for analysing simultaneously protein contacts to phosphate and guanine residues on DNA.
A new γ-interferon-inducible promoter and splice variants of an anti-angiogenic human tRNA synthetase
A new invertebrate member of the p53 gene family is developmentally expressed and responds to polychlorinated biphenyls.
A new journal devoted to patient safety in surgery: the time is now!
A new journal – "Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling"
A New Kind of Science
A new kinetic model reveals the synergistic effect of E-, P- and A-sites on +1 ribosomal frameshifting
A new label technology for the detection of specific polymerase chain reaction products in a closed tube
A new linkage for solid phase synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides.
A New Look at Mechanisms in Bioenergetics
A New Look at Some Old Animals
A new look at The Cure of Folly.
A new look at the ventral nerve centre of Sagitta : implications for the phylogenetic position of Chaetognatha (arrow worms) and the evolution of the bilaterian nervous system
A New Look for a Dynamic Journal
A new look towards BAC-based array CGH through a comprehensive comparison with oligo-based array CGH
A new, low frequency MspI allele at the D13S3 locus
A new MALDI-TOF based mini-sequencing assay for genotyping of SNPS
A New Marker on Chicken Hematopoietic Cells is Defined by a Monoclonal Antibody Raised Against a V ß Chain of the Human TCR
A new marker on chromosome 15, D15S74, detects three RFLPs.
A new marker on chromosome 4q, D4S138, detects two RFLPs.
A new mathematical model for relative quantification in real-time RT–PCR
A new measure for functional similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology
A new measure of patient satisfaction with ocular hypotensive medications: The Treatment Satisfaction Survey for Intraocular Pressure (TSS-IOP)
A new measure of population structure using multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms and its relationship with F ST
A new measurement method for spine reposition sense
A new mechanism for chlorpyrifos? Implicating serotonin.
A new mechanism for DNA alterations induced by alpha particles such as those emitted by radon and radon progeny.
A new mechanism for mtDNA pathogenesis: impairment of post-transcriptional maturation leads to severe depletion of mitochondrial tRNA Ser(UCN) caused by T7512C and G7497A point mutations
A new member of the GM130 golgin subfamily is expressed in the optic lobe anlagen of the metamorphosing brain of Manduca sexta
A new member of the MCM protein family encoded by the human MCM8 gene, located contrapodal to GCD10 at chromosome band 20p12.3–13
A new member of the plasma protease inhibitor gene family.
A new member of the ras gene superfamily identified in a rat liver cell line.
A new method for 2D gel spot alignment: application to the analysis of large sample sets in clinical proteomics
A new method for 3'-labelling of polyribonucleotides by phosphorylation with RNA ligase and its application to the 3'-modification for joining reactions.
A new method for accurate assessment of DNA quality after bisulfite treatment
A new method for class prediction based on signed-rank algorithms applied to Affymetrix ® microarray experiments
A new method for constructing linker scanning mutants.
A new method for detection of pfmdr1 mutations in Plasmodium falciparum DNA using real-time PCR
A new method for determination of varicella-zoster virus immunoglobulin G avidity in serum and cerebrospinal fluid
A New Method for Forensic DNA Analysis of the Blood Meal in Chagas Disease Vectors Demonstrated Using Triatoma infestans from Chuquisaca, Bolivia
A new method for gene discovery in large-scale microarray data
A new method for generating point mutations in bacterial artificial chromosomes by homologous recombination in Escherichia coli
A new method for mapping nucleic acid sequence homology by electron microscopy.
A new method for predicting signal sequence cleavage sites.
A new method for robust quantitative and qualitative analysis of real-time PCR
A new method for sequence analysis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides.
A new method for specific cleavage of megabase-size chromosomal DNA by lambda-terminase.
A new method for straightening DNA molecules for optical restriction mapping.
A new method for strand discrimination in sequence-directed mutagenesis.
A new method for studying the function of the descending part of the proximal tubule in vivo.
A new method for the analysis of cohort studies: implications of the multistage theory of carcinogenesis applied to occupational arsenic exposure.
A new method for the isolation of recombinant baculovirus.
A new method for the purification and identification of covalently closed circular DNA molcules.
A new method for the rapid identification of genes encoding restriction and modification enzymes.
A new method for the size estimation of the RNA genome segments of influenza virus.
A new method for the synthesis of a structural gene.
A New Method of Detecting Pulmonary Tuberculosis
A new method of DNA denaturation mapping.
A new method of representing DNA sequences which combines ease of visual analysis with machine readability.
A new method of synthesis of fluorescently labelled oligonucleotides and their application in DNA sequencing.
A new method to compute K-mer frequencies and its application to annotate large repetitive plant genomes
A new method to determine tissue specific tissue factor thrombomodulin activities: endotoxin and particulate air pollution induced disbalance
A new method to evaluate the biocontrol potential of single spore isolates of fungal entomopathogens
A New Method to Extract Dental Pulp DNA: Application to Universal Detection of Bacteria
A new method to find a set of energetically optimal RNA secondary structures.
A New Method to Measure Portal Venous and Hepatic Arterial Blood Flow Patients Intraoperatively
A new method to monitor the rate of conformational transitions in RNA.
A new method to obtain high DNA transformation efficiency of E. coli competent cells.
A new method to propagate defective HSV-1 vectors.
A new method to remove hybridization bias for interspecies comparison of global gene expression profiles uncovers an association between mRNA sequence divergence and differential gene expression in Xenopus
A new method to transfect the hypoblast of the chick embryo reveals conservation of the regulation of an Otx2 enhancer between mouse and chick extraembryonic endoderm
A new methodology for assessment of the performance of heartbeat classification systems
A New Millennium
A new minisatellite probe shows highly polymorphic hybridization pattern in human
A new minor groove binding asymmetric cyanine reporter dye for real-time PCR
A new mixture model approach to analyzing allelic-loss data using Bayes factors
A new modality of treatment for non-united fracture of the humerus in a patient with osteopetrosis: a case report
A new model defines the minimal set of polymorphism in HLA-DQ and -DR that determines susceptibility and resistance to autoimmune diabetes
A new model for circadian clock research?
A new model for ductal carcinoma in situ suggests strategies for treatment
A New Model for Open Sharing: Massachusetts Institute of Technology's OpenCourseWare Initiative Makes a Difference
A New Model for Predicting Outbreaks of West Nile Virus
A new model for rheumatoid arthritis?
A new model for the bending of DNAs containing the oligo(dA) tracts based on NMR observations.
A New Model of Short-Term Motor Adaptation
A new model of shouldered survival curves.
A new moderately repetitive DNA sequence family of novel organization.
A new modified thrombin binding aptamer containing a 5′–5′ inversion of polarity site
A new molecular breast cancer subclass defined from a large scale real-time quantitative RT-PCR study
A new mouse embryonic stem cell line with good germ line contribution and gene targeting frequency.
A new mouse model for renal lesions produced by intravenous injection of diphtheria toxin A-chain expression plasmid
A New Mouse Model to Study Acquired Lymphedema
A new multi-locus DNA fingerprinting probe: pV47-2.
A new mutation in 16S rRNA of Escherichia coli conferring spectinomycin resistance.
A new mutation in BFSP2 (G1091A) causes autosomal dominant congenital lamellar cataracts
A new national smokefree law increased calls to a national quitline
A new natural hGH variant--17.5 kd--produced by alternative splicing. An additional consensus sequence which might play a role in branchpoint selection.
A new NMR solution structure of the SL1 HIV-1 Lai loop–loop dimer
A new nomenclature for the cytoplasmic ribosomal proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
A new non-linear normalization method for reducing variability in DNA microarray experiments
A new non-LTR retrotransposon provides evidence for multiple distinct site-specific elements in Crithidia fasciculata miniexon arrays.
A new open access journal for a rapidly evolving biomedical field: introducing Molecular Cytogenetics
A new option for early breast cancer patients previously irradiated for Hodgkin's disease: intraoperative radiotherapy with electrons (ELIOT)
A new pairwise kernel for biological network inference with support vector machines
A new paradigm for depression in new mothers: the central role of inflammation and how breastfeeding and anti-inflammatory treatments protect maternal mental health
A New Paradigm in Eukaryotic Biology: HIV Tat and the Control of Transcriptional Elongation
A new paradigm in respiratory hygiene: increasing the cohesivity of airway secretions to improve cough interaction and reduce aerosol dispersion
A new paradigm in respiratory hygiene: modulating respiratory secretions to contain cough bioaerosol without affecting mucus clearance
A new parameter using serum lactate dehydrogenase and alanine aminotransferase level is useful for predicting the prognosis of patients at an early stage of acute liver injury: A retrospective study
A New PCR-Based Approach Indicates the Range of Clonorchis sinensis Now Extends to Central Thailand
A new PCR based method for the generation of nested deletions.
A new peptide vector for efficient delivery of oligonucleotides into mammalian cells.
A New Perspective on Listeria monocytogenes Evolution
A new perspective on phylogeny and evolution of tetraodontiform fishes (Pisces: Acanthopterygii) based on whole mitochondrial genome sequences: Basal ecological diversification?
A New Perspective on Transcriptional System Regulation (TSR): Towards TSR Profiling
A new pheromone trail-based genetic algorithm for comparative genome assembly
A new picture of cell wall protein dynamics in elongating cells of Arabidopsis thaliana : Confirmed actors and newcomers
A new plasmid vector for DNA delivery using lactococci
A new polymorphic probe close to HLA-A
A new polymorphic probe on 5q11.2 – 13.3: ECB306Bgl2.1 (D5S215)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 22: NB17 (D22S181)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 22: NB35 (D22S182)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 22: NB5 (D22S201)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 22: NB84 (D22S183)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 22q: NB129 (D22S193)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: lambda LIB34-60 [D3S154]
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: lambda LIB49-60 [D3S155]
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB03–23 (D3S573)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB05–24 (D3S623)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB08–60‴ (D3S729)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB09–75′ (D3S584)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB11-95(D3S730)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB13–49′ (D3S723)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB13-67 (D3S591)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB15–44 (D3S596)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB17-11 (D3S1092)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB17-58(D3S598)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB18-88 (D3S1093)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB19–63′ (D3S601)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB24–12′ (D3S727)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB25-55(D3S602)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB27-77 (D3S603)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB27-98′′ (D3S1096)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB28-56″ (D3S207)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB28-62(D3S736)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB28–77 (D3S169E)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB30-62′(D3S606)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB31–38 (D3S726_
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB31-57′ (D3S213)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB32-90′ (D3S216)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB33–29′ (D3S629)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB35-53(D3S731)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB36-68 (D3S615)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB37 – 96′ (D3S1192)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB37–97″ (D3S724)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB38–85 (D3S625)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB38-96 (D3S191)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB39-63 (D3S616)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB4-59 (D3S575)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB41-10(D3S618)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB41–51 (D3S632)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB43–55′ (D3S728)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB45–82 (D3S232)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB45-86 (D3S633)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB46-100 (D3S641)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB46-27′ (D3S635)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB46-35′(D3S636)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB46-95(D3S620)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB46-95(D3S620)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB49–63 (D3S192E)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p:λLIB4A-52′′(D3S732)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 3p: λLIB50-50′ (D3S1099)
A new polymorphic probe on chromosome 6q: p327A (D6S93)
A new polymorphism at the DXS178 locus
A new polymorphism for the dystrophin intragenic probe P20 [DXS269] using BstX1.
A new polymorphism in the factor VIII gene for prenatal diagnosis of hemophilia A.
A new polymorphism in the ret protooncogene (RET)
A new pooling strategy for high-throughput screening: the Shifted Transversal Design
A New Principle for Information Storage in an Enzymatic Pathway Model
A new principle of RNA folding based on pseudoknotting.
A new procedure for determining thymine residues in DNA sequencing. Photoinduced cleavage of DNA fragments in the presence of spermine.
A new procedure for purifying histone pairs H2A + H2B and H3 + H4 from chromatin using hydroxylapatite.
A New Property of “Complete” Antigen O of Gram-Negative Bacteria: Its Specific Protective Effect on the Sensitivity of Staphylococcus Aureus to Penicillin †
A new protein linear motif benchmark for multiple sequence alignment software
A new protein motif found in DNA joining and DNA binding proteins.
A new protein superfamily includes two novel 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylases from Bacillus cereus , AlkC and AlkD
A new protocol for complete 3D kinematics analysis of the ankle foot complex in stroke patients
A new prototype of an electronic jet-ventilator and its humidification system
A new PstI polymorphism between VK21 and St14 in Xq28 (DXS523)
A New Publisher for Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research
A new, rapid and simple procedure for direct cloning of PCR products into baculoviruses.
A new real-time PCR method to overcome significant quantitative inaccuracy due to slight amplification inhibition
A new reason not to smoke.
“A New Reconstructive Method after Pancreaticoduodenectomy: the Triple Roux on a “P” Loop. Rationale and Radionuclide Scanning Evaluatlon.”
A new recruit for the army of the men of death
A new repetitive element of the CR1 family downstream of the chicken vitellogenin gene.
A new restriction endonuclease from Acetobacter pasteurianus.
A new restriction endonuclease from Citrobacter freundii
A new restriction endonuclease from Spirulina platensis.
A new restriction endonuclease from the anaerobic bacterium, Desulfovibrio desulfuricans, Norway.
A new reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction method for accurate quantification
A new RFLP at the human vitamin-D binding protein (hDBP) locus.
A new RFLP detected with the anonymous single copy genomic clone L1.7 (D5S1).
A new RFLP for D18S3(B74) an anonymous genomic clone localized to 18p113.
A new RFLP for L1.4 (D5S4) an anonymous genomic clone localised to chromosome 5.
A new RFLP identified at the D3S48 locus
A new RFLP locus D4S185 maps to human chromosome 4q
A new RFLP locus D8S163 maps to human chromosome 8pter-8p22
A new RFLP marker D12S54 maps between F8VWF and KRAS2 on human chromosome 12p.
A new RFLP marker D5S348 maps to 5p14.3 – 15.2, between D5S60 (CRI-R535) and HPRTP2
A new rice repetitive DNA shows sequence homology to both 5S RNA and tRNA.
A new RNA polymerase and in vitro transcription of the origin of replication from rat mitochondrial DNA.
A new RNA-RNA crosslinking reagent and its application to ribosomal 5S RNA.
A New Role for a Long-Studied DNA-Wrangling Enzyme
A New Role for a Protein Involved in Energy Metabolism
A New Role for a Synaptotagmin Protein in Calcium-Dependent Exocytosis
A new rRNA processing mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
A new rule for analyzing homologous coding sequences in DNA.
A new RVH for a new century: maintaining clinical excellence. Annual oration: Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, October 2003.
A new score statistic to test for association given linkage in affected sibling pair-control designs
A new scoring system in Cystic Fibrosis: statistical tools for database analysis – a preliminary report
A new scoring system to stratify risk in unstable angina
A new self-report questionnaire called "ABC" to evaluate in a clinical practice the aid perceived from services by relatives, needs and family burden of severe mental illness
A new 'sense' RNA approach to block viral RNA replication in vitro.
A new sequence variant of the human DNA ligase type I gene (LIG I)
A new series of CAT expression vectors.
A new series of RNAs associated with the genome of spleen focus forming virus (SFFV) and poly(A)-containing RNA from SFFV-infected cells.
A new set of BXD recombinant inbred lines from advanced intercross populations in mice
A new shape for an old function: lasting effect of a physiologic surgical restoration of the left ventricle
A new short-term toxicity assay using Aspergillus awamori with recombinant aequorin gene
A new short uncemented, proximally fixed anatomic femoral implant with a prominent lateral flare: design rationals and study design of an international clinical trial
A New Side of the Nicotinic Receptor
A new signal sequence trap using alkaline phosphatase as a reporter.
A new simpler photoaffinity analogue of peptidyl tRNA
A new Simplified Method of Selective Exposure of Hepatic Pedicles for Controlled Hepatectomies
A new small supernumerary marker chromosome, generating mosaic pure trisomy 16q11.1–q12.1 in a healthy man
A new snRNA with a trimethylated cap structure in the slime mold Physarum polycephalum.
A New Society The Society for the Social History of Medicine
A new solid-phase synthesis of oligoribonucleotides by the phosphoro-p-anisidate method using tetrahydrofuranyl protection of 2'-hydroxyl groups.
A new soot standard?
A New Spontaneously Diabetic Non-obese Torii Rat Strain With Severe Ocular Complications
A new spreadsheet method for the analysis of bivariate flow cytometric data
A new Sst 1 RFLP associated with human insulin receptor locus.
A new standard nomenclature for proteins related to Apx and Shroom
A new strategy for faster urinary biomarkers identification by Nano-LC-MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry
A new strategy to amplify degraded RNA from small tissue samples for microarray studies
A New Strategy to Generate Functional Insulin-Producing Cell Lines by Somatic Gene Transfer into Pancreatic Progenitors
A new strategy useful for rapid identification of microsatellites from DNA libraries with large size inserts.
A new Sty I RFLP and haplotypes with the Hin dIII RFLP at the D8S5 (TL11) locus
A new subfamily of recently retroposed human Alu repeats.
A new survival model for hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) in tumor-bearing rats in the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis
A new synthesis of 5'-deoxy-8,5'-cyclo-adenosine and -inosine: conformationally-fixed purine nucleosides (nucleosides and nucleotides. XVI).
A new synthesis of certain 7-(beta-D-ribofuranosyl) and 7-(2-deoxy-beta-D-ribofuranosyl) derivatives of 3-deazaguanine via the sodium salt glycosylation procedure.
A new synthesis of inosine from 5-amino-1-beta-D-ribofuranosyl-4-imidazole-carboxamide.
A new system for direct submission of data to the nucleotide sequence data banks
A new systematic computational approach to predicting target genes of transcription factors
A new TaqI allele at DXS52 frequent in Algeria.
A new TaqI BO variant detected with the p49 probe on the human Y chromosome.
A new TaqI polymorphism detected by the cDNA encoding amyloid beta protein of Alzheimer's disease.
A new TaqI polymorphism of the complement factor B gene.
A new TaqI RFLP at the DXS17 locus (S9) in the black population
A new TaqI RFLP of the human fibronectin (FN1) gene.
A new TaqI RFLP within intron 2 of human dopamine D2 receptor gene (DRD2)
A new Taql allele detected by the CRI-R227 (D4S101) probe in Pima Indians
A new Taql polymorphism in the p53 gene
A new technique for assessing arterial pressure wave forms and central pressure with tissue Doppler
A New Technique for Improving Visualization of Mucosal Lesions During Endoscopic Photodynamic Therapy
A new technique for mandibular osteotomy
A new technique for the characterization of long-range tertiary contacts in large RNA molecules: insertion of a photolabel at a selected position in 16S rRNA within the Escherichia coli ribosome.
A new technique for transumbilical insertion of central venous silicone catheters in newborn infants
A new technology for adjustability and MR-resistance of shunt-valves – experience after implantation of 54 proGAVs
A New Test Detects Selection for Early Flowering in a Much-Studied Weed
A New Theory for the Evolution of Genomic Imprinting
A New Theory of Human Evolution
A New Theory of Mutation and the Origin of Cancer *
A new therapy for highly effective tumor eradication using HVJ-E combined with chemotherapy
A new Thermus sp. class-IIS enzyme sub-family: isolation of a ‘twin’ endonuclease TspDTI with a novel specificity 5′-ATGAA(N 11/9 )-3′, related to TspGWI, TaqII and Tth111II
A New Tile in the Biochemical Puzzle of Insulin Biology
A New Tool for Measuring the Brutality of War
A new tool for mini-open carpal tunnel release – the PSU retractor
A New Tool to Trace Genetic Susceptibility
A New Trade Framework for Global Healthcare R&D
A new transmission test for affected sib-pair families
A new trinuclear complex of platinum and iron efficiently promotes cleavage of plasmid DNA.
A New Twist on an Animal Model Reveals Environmental Constraints on Selection
A new type II restriction endonuclease, BsmA I, from Bacillus stearothermophilus.
A new type of hazardous chemical: the chemosensitizers of multixenobiotic resistance.
A new type of plasmid from a wild isolate of Dictyostelium species: the existence of closely situated long inverted repeats.
A new ultracentrifugation technique for analysis and isolation of polysomes.
A new ultrasonic process for a renewal of aortic valve decalcification
A new universal linker for solid phase DNA synthesis.
A new vector and RNase H method for the subtractive hybridization.
A new vector for recombination-based cloning of large DNA fragments from yeast artificial chromosomes.
A New Venue for the Director’s Perspective
A new version of the RDP (Ribosomal Database Project).
A new version of the two-hybrid assay for detection of protein-protein interactions.
A new Vibrio cholerae sRNA modulates colonization and affects release of outer membrane vesicles
A New View of ELF-EMFs
A New View of Embryogenesis—Connective Fibers Join the Dance
A New View of Pterosaur Feeding Habits
A new view of the Vesalian landscape.
A New View of the Waggle Dance: Making Scents to Recruit Fellow Foragers
A New View on Lyme Disease: Rodents Hold the Key to Annual Risk
A New Vision for Clinical Trials in Africa
A New Vision for the National Institutes of Health
A New Voice for the Poor
A new water-based topical carrier with polar skin-lipids
A new way of describing meiosis that uses fractal dimension to predict metaphase I
A new way to control experiments.
A New Way to Look at Oxidative Stress
A new way to rapidly create functional, fluorescent fusion proteins: random insertion of GFP with an in vitro transposition reaction
A New Window into Structural Plasticity in the Adult Visual Cortex
A new window on a molecular doorway.
A new wireless system for decentralised measurement of physiological parameters from shake flasks
A new XmnI polymorphism for the DMD probe PERT 87-8
A New Yeast Poly(A) Polymerase Complex Involved in RNA Quality Control
A newborn with Cornelia de Lange syndrome: a case report
A Newer Conception of the Aqueous Humor of the Eye
A newly developed tool for intra-tracheal temperature and humidity assessment in laryngectomized individuals: the Airway Climate Explorer (ACE)
A Newly Identified Essential Complex, Dre2-Tah18, Controls Mitochondria Integrity and Cell Death after Oxidative Stress in Yeast
A next generation, pilot-scale continuous sterilization system for fermentation media
A Nhel RFLP in the human antithrombin III gene (1q23-q25) (AT3)
A nice cup of tea.
A nicked duplex decamer DNA with a PEG 6 tether
A nicked group II intron and trans-splicing in liverwort, Marchantia polymorpha, chloroplasts.
A Night Out with the Nerds
A Nitrile Hydratase in the Eukaryote Monosiga brevicollis
A nitty-gritty aspect of correlation and network inference from gene expression data
A NlaIV polymorphism within the human Factor X gene
A NMR strategy to unambiguously distinguish nucleic acid hairpin and duplex conformations applied to a Xist RNA A-repeat
A Nobel Ideal
A noisy ‘Start' to the cell cycle
A nomenclature of junctions and branchpoints in nucleic acids
A Non-Canonical Function of Zebrafish Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase Is Required for Developmental Hematopoiesis
A non-circadian role for clock-genes in sleep homeostasis:a strain comparison
A non-covalent peptide-based carrier for in vivo delivery of DNA mimics
A non-curved chicken lysozyme 5' matrix attachment site is 3' followed by a strongly curved DNA sequence.
A Non-Death Role of the Yeast Metacaspase: Yca1p Alters Cell Cycle Dynamics
A Non-Human Primate Model for Gluten Sensitivity
A non-isotopic assay for histone deacetylase activity.
A non-parametric framework for estimating threshold limit values
A non-parametric meta-analysis approach for combining independent microarray datasets: application using two microarray datasets pertaining to chronic allograft nephropathy
A non-parametric model for transcription factor binding sites
A non-pharmacologic approach to the treatment of exercise-induced bronchospasm.
A non-radioactive assay for the detection and quantitation of a DNA binding protein.
A non-radioactive in situ hybridization method based on mercurated nucleic acid probes and sulfhydryl-hapten ligands.
A non-random walk through the genome
A non-randomised, single-centre comparison of induction chemotherapy followed by radiochemotherapy versus concomitant chemotherapy with hyperfractionated radiotherapy in inoperable head and neck carcinomas
A non-redundant microarray of genes for two related bacteria
A non-sense mutation in the putative anti-mutator gene ada/alkA of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and M. bovis isolates suggests convergent evolution
A non-surgical approach to the management of lumbar spinal stenosis: A prospective observational cohort study
A nonanucleotide sequence involved in promotion of ribosomal RNA synthesis and RNA priming of DNA replication in yeast mitochondria.
A Noninvasive Isotopic Approach to Estimate the Bone Lead Contribution to Blood in Children: Implications for Assessing the Efficacy of Lead Abatement
A nonlinear dosimetric model for hemoglobin adduct formation by the neurotoxic agent acrylamide and its genotoxic metabolite glycidamide.
A nonlinear isobologram model with Box-Cox transformation to both sides for chemical mixtures.
A nonparametric method for estimating interaction effect of age and period on mortality.
A nonparametric model for quality control of database search results in shotgun proteomics
A nonparametric regression-based linkage scan of rheumatoid factor-IgM using sib-pair squared sums and differences
A Nonparametric Test Reveals Selection for Rapid Flowering in the Arabidopsis Genome
A nonsense mutation in CRYGC associated with autosomal dominant congenital nuclear cataract in a Chinese family
A Normalization Model of Attentional Modulation of Single Unit Responses
A normalization strategy applied to HiCEP (an AFLP-based expression profiling) analysis: Toward the strict alignment of valid fragments across electrophoretic patterns
A North American Yersinia pestis Draft Genome Sequence: SNPs and Phylogenetic Analysis
A Not I RFLP in the human alpha2-C4 adrenergic receptor locus (ADRA2RL2) detected by PFGE
A notable pharmacy comes to Melbourne.
A Note of Thanks to Our Reviewers
A Note on “A Catalog of Biases in Questionnaires”
A Note on “A Catalog of Biases in Questionnaires” [Response to Letter]
A note on clinical presentations of amebic liver abscess: an overview from 62 Thai patients
A note on generalized Genome Scan Meta-Analysis statistics
A Note on the Action of Some Carcinogenic Hydrocarbons on Amphibia *
A Note on the Agglutination of Meningococcus *
A note on the anatomical accessus of the Middle Ages.
A Note on the Early History of Infantile Paralysis in the United States *
A note on the early history of the Ross Institute.
A Note on the Fractional Test-Meal in Duodenal Ulcer
A Note on the Incidence of Diabetes Mellitus in Fractures of the Hip *
A Note on the Iterative MRI Reconstruction from Nonuniform k -Space Data
A Note on the Lack of Carcinogenic Action of Some Cardiac Glucosides and Saponins *
A note on the Liverpool Medical Institution.
A Note on the Origin of the Term “Physiology”
A Note on the Papillary Adenoma of the Corpus Uteri *
A note on the use of sensitivity analysis to explore the potential impact of declining institutional care utilisation on disability prevalence
A note on theories of respiration and muscular action in England c. 1660 (Christopher Wren).
A note on Thomas Lodge's A Treatise of the Plagues (1603).
A note on urine trans, trans muconic acid level among a sample of Thai police: implication for an occupational health issue.
A Note to Dr. Winternitz
A novel 3' extension technique using random primers in RNA-PCR.
A novel 4-base-recognizing RNA cutter that can remove the single 3′ terminal nucleotides from RNA molecules
A novel 40S multi-snRNP complex isolated from rat liver nuclei.
A novel 80 kDa human estrogen receptor containing a duplication of exons 6 and 7.
A novel 9-bp insertion detected in steroid 21-hydroxylase gene (CYP21A2): prediction of its structural and functional implications by computational methods
A novel activating role of SRC and STAT3 on HGF transcription in human breast cancer cells
A novel activator-type ERF of Thinopyrum intermedium , TiERF1, positively regulates defence responses
A novel activity of HMG domains: promotion of the triple-stranded complex formation between DNA containing (GGA/TCC)11 and d(GGA)11 oligonucleotides.
A novel adenovirus vector for easy cloning in the E3 region downstream of the CMV promoter
A Novel Adhesion Molecule in the Murine Thymic Microenvironment: Functional and Biochemical Analysis
A novel algorithm for computational identification of contaminated EST libraries
A novel allele of fission yeast rad11 that causes defects in DNA repair and telomere length regulation
A novel allophycocyanin gene (apcD) from Cyanophora paradoxa cyanelles.
A novel and ancient group of type I keratins with members in bichir, sturgeon and gar
A Novel and Critical Role for Oct4 as a Regulator of the Maternal-Embryonic Transition
A novel and generalizable organotypic slice platform to evaluate stem cell potential for targeting pediatric brain tumors
A Novel and Lethal De Novo LQT-3 Mutation in a Newborn with Distinct Molecular Pharmacology and Therapeutic Response
A novel and rapid method for isolating sequences adjacent to rare cutting sites and their use in physical mapping.
A novel and rapid method to generate single stranded DNA probes for genomic footprinting.
A novel and simple method for construction of recombinant adenoviruses
A Novel and Simple Method for Laboratory Diagnosis of Relapsing Fever Borreliosis
A novel and simple methodology to generate subtracted cDNA libraries.
A novel animal model for the study of AIDS and non-AIDS associated skin disorders
A novel anti-inflammatory activity of lysozyme: modulation of serum complement activation.
A novel application of capnography during controlled human exposure to air pollution
A novel application of quantile regression for identification of biomarkers exemplified by equine cartilage microarray data
A Novel Approach for Determining Cancer Genomic Breakpoints in the Presence of Normal DNA
A novel approach for establishing common or random integration loci for retroviral genomes.
A novel approach for evaluating the efficiency of siRNAs on protein levels in cultured cells
A novel approach for prediction of tacrolimus blood concentration in liver transplantation patients in the intensive care unit through support vector regression
A novel approach for rapid screening of mitochondrial D310 polymorphism
A novel approach for the identification of protein–protein interaction with integral membrane proteins
A novel approach in the treatment of neuroendocrine gastrointestinal tumors: Additive antiproliferative effects of interferon-γ and meta-iodobenzylguanidine
A novel approach to cloning transcriptionally active retrovirus-like genetic elements from mouse cells.
A novel approach to describe a U1 snRNA binding site
A novel approach to detect hot-spots in large-scale multivariate data
A novel approach to glaucoma screening and education in Nepal
A novel approach to identifying regulatory motifs in distantly related genomes
A novel approach to measure the contribution of matrix metalloproteinase in the overall net proteolytic activity present in synovial fluids of patients with arthritis
A novel approach to non-segmented flow analysis. Part 1: An experimental system
A novel approach to non-segmented flow analysis. Part 2. A prototype high-performance analyser
A novel approach to non-segmented flow analysis: Part 3. Nitrate, nitrite and ammonium in waters
A novel approach to non-segmented flow analysis: Part 4. Aluminium in river waters
A novel approach to phylogenetic tree construction using stochastic optimization and clustering
A novel approach to sequence validating protein expression clones with automated decision making
A novel approach to simultaneously scan genes at fragile sites
A novel approach to treatment of hypertension in diabetic patients – a multicenter, double-blind, randomized study comparing the efficacy of combination therapy of Eprosartan versus Ramipril with low-dose Hydrochlorothiazide and Moxonidine on blood pressure levels in patients with hypertension and associated diabetes mellitus type 2 – rationale and design [ISRCTN55725285]
A novel Arabidopsis DNA binding protein contains the conserved motif of HMG-box proteins.
A novel archaeal regulatory protein, Sta1, activates transcription from viral promoters
A novel aromatic oil compound inhibits microbial overgrowth on feet: a case study
A novel assay for analysis of the regulation of the function of human osteoclasts
A novel assay for DNA ligase.
A novel assay for examining the molecular reactions at the eukaryotic replication fork: activities of replication protein A required during elongation.
A novel assay for monitoring internalization of nanocarrier coupled antibodies
A novel assay for the DNA strand-transfer reaction of HIV-1 integrase.
A novel assay of 8-oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine 5'-triphosphate pyrophosphohydrolase (8-oxo-dGTPase) activity in cultured cells and its use for evaluation of cadmium(II) inhibition of this activity.
A novel assay to determine the sequence preference and affinity of DNA minor groove binding compounds
A Novel Assay to Trace Proliferation History In Vivo Reveals that Enhanced Divisional Kinetics Accompany Loss of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Self-Renewal
A Novel Bacterium Associated with Lymphadenitis in a Patient with Chronic Granulomatous Disease
A novel BamHI polymorphism for the human transforming growth factor alpha gene (TGF-α)
A novel Bayesian approach to quantify clinical variables and to determine their spectroscopic counterparts in 1 H NMR metabonomic data
A Novel Bayesian DNA Motif Comparison Method for Clustering and Retrieval
A novel BDNF gene promoter directs expression to skeletal muscle
A novel beta thalassemia gene with a single base mutation in the conserved polypyrimidine sequence at the 3' end of IVS 2.
A novel bifunctional N-acetylglutamate synthase-kinase from Xanthomonas campestris that is closely related to mammalian N-acetylglutamate synthase
A novel bipartite splicing enhancer modulates the differential processing of the human fibronectin EDA exon.
A novel BK virus-based episomal vector for expression of foreign genes in mammalian cells.
A novel blocker-PCR method for detection of rare mutant alleles in the presence of an excess amount of normal DNA.
A novel brain-enriched E3 ubiquitin ligase RNF182 is up regulated in the brains of Alzheimer's patients and targets ATP6V0C for degradation
A novel BRCA-1 mutation in Arab kindred from east Jerusalem with breast and ovarian cancer
A novel Brn3-like POU transcription factor expressed in subsets of rat sensory and spinal cord neurons.
A novel c.5308_5311delGAGA mutation in Senataxin in a Cypriot family with an autosomal recessive cerebellar ataxia
A novel C-T transition within the distal CCAAT motif of the G gamma-globin gene in the Japanese HPFH: implication of factor binding in elevated fetal globin expression.
A Novel Campylobacter jejuni Sequence Type from a Culture-Negative Patient in The Gambia
A novel cell culture model for studying differentiation and apoptosis in the mouse mammary gland
A novel cell-free system reveals a mechanism of circular DNA formation from tandem repeats
A novel cell immunoassay to measure survival of motor neurons protein in blood cells
A novel, cellulose synthesis inhibitory action of ancymidol impairs plant cell expansion
A novel cGUUAg tetraloop structure with a conserved yYNMGg-type backbone conformation from cloverleaf 1 of bovine enterovirus 1 RNA
A novel chair-type G-quadruplex formed by a Bombyx mori telomeric sequence
A novel CHHC Zn-finger domain found in spliceosomal proteins and tRNA modifying enzymes
A novel chlorophyll a/b binding (Cab) protein gene from petunia which encodes the lower molecular weight Cab precursor protein.
A novel circular invasion assay mimics in vivo invasive behavior of cancer cell lines and distinguishes single-cell motility in vitro
A novel class of human type I interferons.
A novel class of plant-specific zinc-dependent DNA-binding protein that binds to A/T-rich DNA sequences
A novel cloning strategy for isolating, genotyping and phenotyping genetic variants of geminiviruses
A novel cloverleaf structure found in mammalian mitochondrial tRNA(Ser) (UCN).
A Novel Co-Crystal Structure Affords the Design of Gain-of-Function Lentiviral Integrase Mutants in the Presence of Modified PSIP1/LEDGF/p75
A novel COL1A1 nonsense mutation causing osteogenesis imperfecta in a Chinese family
A novel combination of multiple primary carcinomas: Urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma, prostate adenocarcinoma and small cell lung carcinoma- report of a case and review of the literature
A novel computational model of the circadian clock in Arabidopsis that incorporates PRR7 and PRR9
A novel concept for ligand attachment to oligonucleotides via a 2′-succinyl linker
A novel conformational change of the anticodon region of tRNAPhe (yeast).
A novel connexin 50 ( GJA8) mutation in a Chinese family with a dominant congenital pulverulent nuclear cataract
A Novel Constrained Topographic Independent Component Analysis for Separation of Epileptic Seizure Signals
A novel copper complex induces ROS generation in doxorubicin resistant Ehrlich ascitis carcinoma cells and increases activity of antioxidant enzymes in vital organs in vivo
A Novel CpG Island Set Identifies Tissue-Specific Methylation at Developmental Gene Loci
A novel custom high density-comparative genomic hybridization array detects common rearrangements as well as deep intronic mutations in dystrophinopathies
A novel cytoplasmic GTPase XAB1 interacts with DNA repair protein XPA
A Novel Data-Mining Approach Systematically Links Genes to Traits
A novel data mining method to identify assay-specific signatures in functional genomic studies
A Novel DBL-Domain of the P. falciparum 332 Molecule Possibly Involved in Erythrocyte Adhesion
A novel de novo mutation in the serine-threonine kinase STK11 gene in a Korean patient with Peutz-Jeghers syndrome
A novel de novo PAX6 mutation in an Ashkenazi-Jewish family with aniridia
A Novel Design of 4-Class BCI Using Two Binary Classifiers and Parallel Mental Tasks
A novel design of whole-genome microarray probes for Saccharomyces cerevisiae which minimizes cross-hybridization
A Novel Design Principle for the Insect Odorant Receptor
A Novel Diagnostic Target in the Hepatitis C Virus Genome
A novel Dictyostelium RasGEF required for chemotaxis and development
A novel diffuse gastric cancer susceptibility variant in E-cadherin ( CDH1 ) intron 2: A case control study in an Italian population
A novel dimerization motif in the C-terminal domain of the Thermus thermophilus DEAD box helicase Hera confers substantial flexibility †
A novel DNA-binding domain that may form a single zinc finger motif.
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